Monday, 6 February 2017

Celia Birtwell: 'I think David Hockney finds me a little bit ridiculous'

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Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, Hockney's 1971 portrait of textile designer Celia Birtwell and her then husband, is in his retrospective at Tate Britain, which opens this week. Here, Birtwell talks about the painting and her role as Hockney's muse

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy (above), the portrait of me and Ossie [Clark, her then husband], was painted in our Notting Hill flat. This is actually the bedroom, but the light came in better there, so we moved some things around, like the shagpile rug, to make it look like a living room. David couldn't get Ossie's feet, so I think the rug was useful in the end. Ossie has a shirt with a bit of my print on the collar, which was nice. The cat in the picture is actually Blanche, but David said Percy had a better ring to it. I have had a lot of cats in my life, but Blanche was a special one.

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