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Big Little Lies Real Estate You Can Actually Afford? This Home from the Show is for Sale for $400K

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Dreaming of moving to Monterey? We've got the perfect place . . . and you can probably actually afford it!

We know by now that Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Nicole Kidman's stunning beach houses are the real breakout stars of Big Little Lies, but the multimillion-dollar seaside mansions aren't exactly attainable.

SPOILER WARNING: Details about episode 6 of Big Little Lies are revealed below

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Luckily, episode six gave us a little piece of real estate we can actually, maybe, possibly have. When Celeste Wright (Kidman) finally decides to escape her hostile husband and get a place of her own with her twin sons, she finds refuge in an incredibly charming seaside apartment complex.

The real development, which, unlike some of the show's real houses, is actually in Monterey, has a unit for sale for $439,000. Unlike Kidman's rental, unit #343 at 125 Surf Way doesn't have sweeping ocean views, but it does offer "peeks of the Monterey Bay and city lights," according to listing agency Sotheby's, and a cozy 513-square-foot floorplan.

The perfectly weathered complex, a popular vacation site in Monterey,  was built in 1968 with 88 units, and expanded in 1974, according to the show's location manager Gregory Alpert.

The two-bedroom unit used in the show was actually the second one the scout found after another fell through, and offered a plot device that changed the show's script: a balcony. " Jean Marc VallĂ©e added . . . a really great scene," says Alpert. "He has Perry outside their house, staring at the ocean, looking to his right, and he cuts to a shot of Celeste doing the same thing on the balcony of her apartment, looking to her left. He leaves it up to the viewer to connect what the two are contemplating."

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The oceanfront property also cements Celeste's connection to the water, Alpert explains: "Unlike the other homes and characters in the show, where the sea is a mystery with danger lurking behind each crashing wave," for Nicole's character, "it represents freedom."

He adds, "If Celeste needed to live in an apartment, this would be the one." 


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