Friday, 19 May 2017

A moment that changed me: living on my own, and taking control of my life | Sian Norris

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Via Network Front | The Guardian by Sian Norris
Moving into a flat alone in my 30s gave me a sense of freedom and a new emotional space in which my creative self could grow

I always wanted to live alone. When I was a teenager I had a fantasy about living in my own flat, wearing a Japanese kimono and drinking lapsang souchong (I read a lot of Colette novels at a formative age). But when I moved in with my boyfriend at the age of 23, I started planning for a new future – one with other people in it.

This all changed when I turned 30. Like Colette in my paperback novels, I had arrived at my "age of reckoning". I left my boyfriend, went to live with my mum and her partner, and a year later finally moved into my own place. Alone.

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