Saturday, 20 May 2017

Clive James: ‘The Death Star is threatening me with a lethal dose of boredom’

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Via Network Front | The Guardian by Clive James

All the special effects are bigger now, but you can't bring on another Han Solo just by pressing a button

You know you're getting on when you lose track of the Star Wars sequels. My elder daughter's family keeps track of them, so even my granddaughter's wonder dog can tell a post-prequel starring Natalie Portman from one of the later, newer, pre-early, post-imperial mega-sagas. The dog can recognise these later developments by the absence of Princess Amidala's rococo get-ups.

Her outfits used to scare the dog to pieces, but along with his new friend, the small female cat from across the street, he is now watching the new brand of extra Star Wars saga, in which the established favourites of the foundation narrative are replaced by a younger generation.

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