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First Twitter Reactions To Wonder Woman Are GREAT — And Relieved!

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There are people who don't think a female superhero film can succeed. Female directors are consistently overlooked for big Hollywood action films. The DCEU has suffered in the review department lately, and could really use a win.

It's unfair for so much burden to be placed on one movie's shoulders, but if anyone is strong enough to bear the burden, it's Wonder Woman.

Video: Wonder Woman Official Origin Trailer Is Full Of Straight-Up Girl Power!

The embargo for social media reactions was lifted on Thursday night, so critics who got to see early press screenings could finally give us their first impressions.

And so far, so good! Especially for stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine!

See the (understandably) relieved reactions (below)!

Happy to report 'Wonder Woman' is a blast and @GalGadot is fantastic. Her chemistry with Chris Pine is magnetic. Absolutely recommended.

— Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) May 19, 2017

Loved WONDER WOMAN. She reminds me of Christopher Reeve's Superman: true north superhero w/ no angst or cynicism, which is needed right now.

— Mike Ryan (@mikeryan) May 19, 2017

Gadot and Pine have great, funny banter together. The backdrop of WWI is bleak, but the characters never are. I rooted for them.

— Mike Ryan (@mikeryan) May 19, 2017

Happy — no, RELIEVED — to report that #WonderWoman is truly good. Funny, stirring, kick-ass, romantic. A solid, entertaining superhero film.

— Adam B. Vary (@adambvary) May 19, 2017

I loved #WonderWoman so much. Easily one of the best superhero origin films I've ever seen. Amazing action & Gal Gadot is pure heaven

— Jarett Wieselman (@JarettSays) May 19, 2017

Smart, funny, romantic, genuinely moving. And incredible, all-female fight scenes! The Amazons' battle made me cry happy tears.

— Rachel Simon (@Rachel_Simon) May 19, 2017

Our own @JimmytotheO has seen #WonderWoman! He calls it "Fantastic! As touching as it is thrilling!" Full review soon!

— (@joblocom) May 19, 2017

Very pleased to report that #WonderWoman is the best DC movie since THE DARK KNIGHT. I'm already looking forward to seeing it again.

— Silas Lesnick (@silaslesnick) May 19, 2017

Everyone is asking me about #wonderwoman It's the best DC universe movie yet. Emotional. Funny. Light. @GalGadot is a star. 🙏 @PattyJenks

— Daniel Alter (@DAlter007) May 19, 2017

It wasn't 100% positive, but even those with complaints had some very nice things to say:

I can finally share my thoughts on #WonderWoman! I really loved it; it's not perfect, but its charms won me over. @GalGadot is WONDERful.

— Terri Schwartz (@Terri_Schwartz) May 19, 2017

Can't say I loved all of #WonderWoman but there's a ton of great stuff - especially Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Themyscira.

— Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff) May 19, 2017

Pacing is a problem in the 2nd half but charisma & chemistry, and emphasis on hope & heart left me eager for another watch. #WonderWoman

— Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff) May 19, 2017

1. Hokay, here we go. #WonderWoman social media embargo just lifted. My thoughts: DC is absolutely on the right track here.

— Alisha Grauso (@AlishaGrauso) May 19, 2017

3. Rough parts? Sure. But guys, guys, YOU GUYS! You'll truly LAUGH. And you'll walk out, for once, feeling downright inspired by a DC movie.

— Alisha Grauso (@AlishaGrauso) May 19, 2017

Are YOU going to see Wonder Woman on June 2??

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