Saturday, 20 May 2017

We need to talk about...Nationalism

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Via Network Front | The Guardian by Presented by Vicky Frost, audio produced by Stuart Silver and Rowan Slaney

A monthly podcast in which Guardian journalists tackle a topic suggested by Guardian members and answer their questions on it. In this edition, Vicky Frost, the Guardian's deputy membership editor, discusses the global rise of nationalism with Randeep Ramesh, Iman Amrani and Ewen MacAskill

In our monthly podcast series We Need to Talk About … we tackle the big issues shaping the world. This is the fourth in this podcast series, and the first which is available for everyone to listen to – we initially released these discussions exclusively for Guardian members, but we heard from many of you that you thought we should share this debate with as many people as possible, and we were happy to oblige.

These podcasts feature the experiences and questions of Guardian members, and the expertise of a spec ial panel of journalists and guests. You ask the questions, we try to supply the answers.

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