Saturday, 20 May 2017

Why my grown up son wants to live at home for ever

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Via Network Front | The Guardian by Saskia Sarginson


My son has his future planned and it doesn't include university and a career. He's waiting to inherit the house and become a landlord

When Zac was born, it occurred to us that the age gap between him and his siblings (he is six years younger than Jake; eight years younger than our twins) would mean that one day he would, in effect, be a single child. We gazed down at our baby blowing milky bubbles in his cot and worried that, in the future, once his brother and sisters flew the nest, he would feel isolated and deserted.

Ping forward 18 years: the future is now the present, and it is not what we imagined. Instead of be ing an only child, Zac is still surrounded by his siblings, crammed into the same bedrooms they had as children.

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