Tuesday, 20 June 2017

You messed with schools, Theresa May, so you messed with half the electorate | Laura McInerney

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Via Network Front | The Guardian by Laura McInerney
School budget cuts were key to the election result – the prime minister forgot teachers, parents and grandparents are all voters

Twelve days ago a 60-year-old woman sat in a toilet crying as she realised the career she had worked at for decades was crumbling in front of her. I wonder, as Theresa May wiped her eyes, if she glimpsed, just for a second, how the thousands of teachers and teaching assistants sacked over the past 12 months because of budget cuts felt. I wonder if her fear of becoming a pub quiz answer for the shortest-serving postwar prime minister equalled the fear felt by some of those people of losing their home because they couldn't pay their mortgage.

Maybe, as she steadied herself, one of her advisers told her not to worry. "We've secured a record number of votes," they said, in the same way that the government repeatedly told headteachers there was a "record amount of money" going into schools.

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