Monday, 19 June 2017

Young fans have the power to redefine football with virtual league of their own | Owen Gibson

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Via Network Front | The Guardian by Owen Gibson

Supporters disillusioned with modern sport have built enormously popular online teams whose followers are now filling real-life stadiums

A curious thing happened in our corner of south east London last month. Normally quiet side streets were rammed with double parked cars, the babble of excited young fans with accents from around the country filled the air and the sold out signs went up at The Valley for the first time in many years.

Since the absentee owner Roland Duch√Ętelet began his one man war against Charlton Athletic's fanbase, it has often been hard to tell when there is a home match in SE7 as a dispirited, desperate and dwindling band continue their estimable protest against an owner who has hollowed out their proud club.

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