Monday, 17 July 2017

Fearless finale recap – the (less-than-explosive) big reveal

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Via Network Front | The Guardian by Sarah Hughes

Emma's antics have been so off-the-wall that you have to admire her. But as far as this show goes, nothing was dark or devious or twisted enough in the end

So there we are then. In what has proved something of a theme with this show, the finale pulled all the strands together to tell a story that was ultimately less than the sum of its parts. Thus we learned that yes, as was telegraphed way back in episode two, Matthew Wild was guilty of the crash, and yes, as suspected, Rachel Leigh was his wife Laura, who had been at the base that fateful night.

In the end the bad guys were arrested, the good guys mostly reconciled to their lives – and I was left wondering what could have been if the creators were willing to go that bit darker or come up with a theme that went a bit deeper than the Iraq war was bad, governments lie … and so do most people.

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