Sunday, 16 July 2017

George A. Romero, ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Director, Dies at 77

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George A. Romero, director of the famous horror movie "Night of the Living Dead," died Sunday at age 77, according to a statement from his manager, Chris Roe.

Romero is best known for starting the zombie subgenre in horror movies with "Night of the Living Dead." Released in 1968, the film helped pushed the boundaries of what violence could be depicted in film and shocked underage moviegoers who saw the film in matinee screenings.

Today, "Night of the Living Dead" is widely considered to be not only a horror classic, but one of the best low-budget films ever made. It spawned a series of sequels that were written and directed by Romero, starting with 1978's "Dawn of the Dead" and continuing with 1985's "Day of the Dead," 1990's "Land of the Dead," 2007's "Diary of the Dead" and 2009's "George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead."

According to the statement, Romero died Sunday after a brief battle with lung cancer, with his wife, Suzanne, and his daughter, Tina, at his side. He passed away while listening to music from his favorite film, John Ford's "The Quiet Man,"

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