Monday, 17 July 2017

My Tory party has gambled away its reputation. It needs more than a new leader | Kate Maltby

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Via Network Front | The Guardian by Kate Maltby

The Conservatives' core beliefs were always centred on stability. Now, like addicts, they must admit they have a problem

• Kate Maltby is an associate fellow of conservative thinktank Bright Blue

Seventy-odd years ago my grandparents arrived in this country from Hungary. Over the next two decades, more relatives joined them, refugees by turns from fascist genocide, Soviet totalitarianism and economic collapse. My grandparents arrived penniless, started a small family business and voted Tory. Only a Conservative government, they told me, would stand firm against the radicalism that had fuelled the European conflict. They may as well have pinned "strong and stable" to my nappy.

Look around the Tory party today, and chaos reigns; Britain feels more socially fratricidal than I have ever known it. Two successive Tory leaders have gambled their majorities, first on a Brexit referendum for which the leadership was woefully unprepared, the n on a snap election for which both country and party were unprepared. (Gareth Fox, head of candidates at Conservative HQ, is said to have returned from holiday to find himself charged with filling hundreds of Tory vacancies on blank ballot papers.)

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