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Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

Thank you for your interest in advertising on the News and Info site!

News and Info runs a Targeted Ad Platform with which any Advertiser can place adverts on the sections of News and Info where the people he/she wants to reach are most likely to be found

To place ads on News and Info, the first step is to contact us via email, we then discuss banner size and cost. Placing of Ads can be done Daily, Weekly or Monthly with a total minimum cost of  $5 as deposit,

To get a Post or Page to advertise is $1
We look forward to doing business with you!


Banners Available

720*90 - Top - Daily : $10
                         Weekly : $60
                          Monthly : $300
               Bottom - Daily : $5
                               Weekly : $30
                                Monthly : $100

Side 308*116, at most it shouldnt be more than 400*200
                           Daily : $3
                           Weekly : $16
                            Monthly :  $60
The Availability of the 720*90 is 2 , one the top , the other at the bottom but the side goes up to 15 slots.
Payment is done via World remit
Pay for a day, you get a day extra,pay for a week you get 3 days extra ,pay for a month, you get 1 week extra

Best regards,
Otayomi Olamide
Email :

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